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IT認証資料を提供したほかのサイトより、JPshikenのプロかつ高品質の製品は最高のものです。JPshikenを選んだら成功を選んだということです。JPshikenのMicrosoftMB2-700 サンプル問題集はあなたが成功への保証です。JPshikenを利用したら、あなたはきっと高い点数を取ることができ、あなたの理想なところへと進むことができます。

試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Applications
問題と解答:全90問 MB2-700 サンプル問題集

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試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service
問題と解答:全50問 MB2-714 試験時間

>> MB2-714 試験時間


ほぼ100%の通過率は我々のお客様からの最高のプレゼントです。我々は弊社のMicrosoftのMB2-714 試験時間の資料はより多くの夢のある人にMicrosoftのMB2-714 試験時間に合格させると希望します。我々のチームは毎日資料の更新を確認していますから、ご安心ください、あなたの利用しているソフトは最も新しく全面的な資料を含めています。

一回だけでMicrosoftのMB2-700 サンプル問題集に合格したい?JPshikenは君の欲求を満たすために存在するのです。JPshikenは君にとってベストな選択になります。ここには、私たちは君の需要に応じます。JPshikenのMicrosoftMB2-700 サンプル問題集を購入したら、私たちは君のために、一年間無料で更新サービスを提供することができます。もし不合格になったら、私たちは全額返金することを保証します。


NO.1 You need to identify what will occur when you attempt to create a service appointment that
contains a resource outside of the assigned work hours of the resource.
What should you identify?
A. A message that the appointment is outside of work hours will appear, and you will be able to save
the appointment.
B. The appointment will be saved successfully and the manager of the resource will receive a
notification by email.
C. A message that the appointments outside of work hours will appear, and the resource will t>e
removed automatically from the appointment when you save the appointment.
D. A message that the appointment is outside of work hours will appear, and you will be prompted to
edit the work hours of the resource.
Answer: A

NO.2 You have a Dynamics CRM organization that contains the following charts:
* A tag chart named Chart1 that displays keywords from case titles
* A funnel chart named Chart2 that displays case resolution times
* A line chart named Chart3 that displays priorities
* A doughnut chart named Chart4 that displays the number of cases by priority
You need to identify which charts can be added to a personal dashboard.
What are two possible charts that you can add? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Chart2
B. Chart4
C. Chart1
D. Chart3
Answer: B

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NO.3 You need to find a specific knowledge article.
What are three possible search types that can be used to achieve the goal? Each correct answer
presents a complete solution.
A. article number
B. attachment
C. topic
D. full-text
E. keyword
Answer: A,C,D

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NO.4 You are a customer service representative.
You use the interactive service hub and a multi-stream interactive dashboard.
At the beginning of your shift, you need to view the high-priority open cases and to move them to
one queue.
What should you do first?
A. Apply a hierarchal view.
B. Perform an Advanced Find.
C. Apply a global filter.
D. Perform a Global Search.
Answer: C

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