ADM-201 ファンデーション & Administration Essentials For New Admins


NO.1 Which action can be performed on the Campaign Member object? Choose 3 answers MMM
A. Create validation rules related to the campaign member record
B. Relate a business account to a campaign record
C. Create custom lookup field to another object
D. Change a lead to a contact from the campaign member record
Answer: A,B,D

ADM-201 無料   

NO.2 A sales team is a set of users that normally work together on _________ ?
A. Contacts
B. Leads
C. Opportunities
D. Cases
E. Accounts
Answer: C

ADM-201 英語版   

NO.3 When configuring Customizable Forecasting, you can set which of the following Forecast Dates
for determining which opportunities contribute to the forecast?
A. Opportunity Close Date Only
B. Commit Date
C. Schedule Date Only
D. Product Date Only
E. Opportunity Close Date, Product Date, Schedule Date
Answer: A

ADM-201 解答例   

NO.4 Which of the following can NOT be edited on the Page Layout Editor?
A. Picklist values
B. Buttons
C. Page sections
D. Related lists
E. Field positions
Answer: A

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